Flatback Applicator Tool
Flatback Applicator Tool

Flatback Applicator Tool

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We HIGHLY RECOMMEND buying this tool if you're purchasing flatback studs. It makes inserting them a breeze (especially if you have large fingers).

To use: Insert the smaller tapered end of the applicator into the back of your piercing. Carefully place the back of your stud onto the end (you'll see the indentation for it) and continue to push through your piercing until the back of your stud is inserted in place. 

This applicator is made of implant grade titanium and is 18 gauge. 
It is compatible with threadless flatback studs.

PSSSS: It's the same kind of tool piercers use to insert your jewelry in a fresh piercing

This tool is not intended for piercing an ear, only for application of flatback threadless studs.